Our general purpose for our agency is to design, organize and distribute tourist services and to find an adequate response to the needs of our clients and to propose services of higher quality, effectiveness and flexibility. flexibilidad.

Our specific objective is to offer a better and more comfortable travel for our travelers. To channel these large tourist flows to the most sought after destinations of the moment. Contribute significantly to the development of tourist areas through the launching of package tours and other products. It constitutes a valuable source of information about the different techniques and needs of the market for tourism agents and suppliers.

Our bases


We are a company that offers tourism services at national and international level, committed to satisfy the needs of our clients and to generate a sustained and sustainable productivity together with collaborators and business partners. promotion, local, national, state and international.


To become a Travel Agency recognized in our region, for the confidence and security we offer to our clients, presenting innovative services and assuring a stable tourist activity, promoting an environment of good relations and obtaining the highest satisfaction of our clients.


Honesty, Price-Quality, Continuous Promotion, Personalized Assistance, Responsibility, Joy, Enthusiasm, Family Business.



Víctor Manuel Ramos García, Director General y Propietario de la Marca ZIHUA-RESERVACIONES Mayorista Nacional de Hoteles con Registro IMPI 1630605 y Registro Nacional de Turismo 04120380078.
Zihua Tourism Representations and Advertising. Company founded since April 8, 2001.
RFC: RURG61021S45
Blvd Paseo Ixtapa S/N Local 25 Colonia Ixtapa, CP 40880 Zihuatanejo de Azueta, Gro.
Empresa Notariada por el Lic. Saulo Cabrera Barrientos.
Abogado de la empresa: Lic. Apolonio Ororio Reyes

Zihua Representaciones Turísticas y Publicidad. Empresa fundada desde el 8 de abril del 2001.
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